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Redevelopment Works Update - Universal Trench                         Posted 20 May 2022

There has been good progress made on the Ground 2 Universal Trench layout. Concreting is finished and the general structure is close to completion. Anton Motha was out at the club today with the contractor responsible for the detailed fitout and trap mountings. No definite completion date as yet, but it's all looking good. 

Redevelopment Works Update - Universal Trench                         Posted 18 May 2022

The skies over our Universal Trench have finally cleared and given the Elite Building & Construction Services boys a chance to finish the concreting. They have almost completed their part of the overall project. The next step will be the detailed fit out, to be completed by a different contractor.

Redevelopment Works Update - Universal Trench                         Posted 12 May 2022

The Universal Trench on Ground 2 appears to be going along well at the moment. As can be seen from the photographs, the roof and the front doors are on and the area in front of the trench is formed up ready for concreting. At the moment, the weather is being far from cooperative, but it is still hoped that the main structural aspects will be completed by the end of may. After that, the task of mounting the five traps can commence.

Game Management Authority Visit                                                 Posted  12 May 2022

The Game Management Authority visited the club on Wednesday the 4th of May to do some shooting. Shooting some video, that is. Well-known Wang Clay Target Club member Scott Henshall, a Game Manager from the GMA's Benalla office, and Kurt Murphy, a Game Manager from the Bendigo office, visited the club to shoot some short instructional videos to be posted on the GMA website.

Keep an eye on the GMA website to see our club up there on the big screen, or the small screen....

Redevelopment Works Update - Universal Trench                         Posted 24 April 2022

We haven't seen much news on the website recently about about progress on the redevelopment works. That's because there hasn't been much progress until the past few weeks.

As can be seen from the photographs above, the Universal Trench layout on Ground 2 is finally moving along. The actual sub-surface structure was completed at the beginning of April and the Steel roof supports went in a week or so back, so we should see more obvious changes in the near future.  

The traps have been procured, so as soon as the structural work is completed, the comparatively delicate task of mounting and calibrating the traps can begin. As with the DTL and Universal Skeet equipment, this task will be undertaken by an appropriately qualified person and done to the highest levels of accuracy. 

DTL Competitions to Restart in April                                             Posted 07 March 2022

We had hoped to restart DTL competition in March, but it will have to wait until April. A combination of some engineering setbacks and the date clash with the recently announced duck season have made the delay unavoidable. Please note that the return of DTL competitions in April will coincide with the Easter weekend. 

Sporting Clays Competition on Sunday 13 Feb                        Posted 01 February 2022

After a two year absence, competitions are finally returning to the Wangaratta Clay Target Club. The club will restart its competition calendar with a 100 Target Sporting Clays event on Sunday the 13th of February. The event is open to members of the main shooting organisations; Sporting Clays Australia, ACTA, F&G, SSAA. The office will be open to take nominations from 100 and competition kicks off at 1100. 

For the time being, it is only possible to host Sporting Clays events, but the club is confident that Down the Line competitions are not far off and it is hoped that they will return as early as March.

Phil Smith, Graham Coyle & Ian Auranaune have been going over the equipment to make sure it's ready for the big day. After so long, let's hope that the wildlife hasn't made their homes in our traps. 

Keep an eye on the club’s website for further information. 

North Wang Community Group Australia Day Event                 Posted 29 January 2022

The North Wang Community Group held its Australia Day celebrations at our club on Wednesday the 26th of January. Although our club's involvement was limited to providing the venue, the event certainly provided a good opportunity to show the locals the work that has been done over the past 6 months. 

Thanks to our VP Brian Reid and treasurer Anita Klima, who acted as the club's liaison with the NWCG in organising the day's activities.

DTL Back for Wednesday & Saturday Practice Sessions         Posted 21 January 2022

Thanks to a lot of hard work from Darren Gephart, RCOW and the contractors, we now have DTL available for practice on Ground 3. The same team is now working to get Ground 1 DTL operational, too.

The new layout has been thoroughly measured and tested to ensure compliance with the regulations and has passed all checks with flying colours. Anton & Matt Motha were at the club today testing the system. The boys shot a few targets and Anton says it all runs well and the whole layout on Ground 3 "...feels great..."

Now that DTL is available, we will revert to our usual practice schedule from this week, Saturday the 22nd of January. That is to say, Wednesdays will be Sporting Clays and DTL. Saturdays will be DTL only. There is the possibility that Universal Skeet may be available on some Saturdays, depending on the availability of volunteers too run it.

Wednesday & Saturday Practice Sessions Update                    Posted 12 January 2022

Work is currently underway to reconstruct the DTL subsurface bunkers on Grounds 1 & 3. We have been assured (There's that word again...) that the work will be completed and that both DTL grounds will be available for our use by the 3rd of February, which, as the more erudite reader will know is Setsubun. An omen, perhaps?

In the meantime, Wednesday practice will consist of Sporting Clays only, with the slight chance of Universal Skeet if Ground 3 is clear of construction equipment.

Saturday practice will be only Universal Skeet, as Graham Coyle will be on his own for the next two Saturdays. It is entirely unreasonable to expect that Graham, on his own, should set up Sporting Clays for Saturdays; however, he has said that he is prepared to do so if there are at least two volunteers who are prepared to guarantee their assistance with both setting up from around 1230 and packing up at the end of the day, around 1730.

This website will be updated within hours of any further developments, so keep an eye on it to stay up to date with changes. Information received from other sources is most probably inaccurate.

DTL Practice - This Saturday the Last for a While                     Posted 06 January 2022

This Saturday, the 8th of January, will be the last DTL practice session for at least a couple of weeks. There will be no DTL available from Monday the 10th of January, 2022.

Work is expected to start on the DTL facilities on Grounds 1 & 3 on Monday the 10th of January and the club has been assured that at least one ground will be available within 2 weeks. In the meantime, the club is looking at what practice facilities can be provided for those 2 of 3 Saturdays when DTL is out of action. Sporting Clays MAY be possible, but that would depend on the number of shooters using the facilities and, of course, the number of volunteers available to set up and pack up. 

The club thanks members and visitors for their tolerance and understanding. We have, over the past few years, seen many similarly assured deadlines come and go. Let's hope that this one will go to plan.

DTL Now Available on Ground 3                                               Posted 14 December 2021

Thanks to a lot of hard work by local tradie Darren Gephart and his team, assisted by Anton Motha, we now have DTL available on Ground 3. Graham Coyle & his grandson Paddy also lent a hand and, along with Anton shot a round of DTL on completion to test the layout. As stated in the news item posted on the 11th of December, the current DTL is a temporary measure to allow us to start practice sessions again.

For the time being, we will be running DTL and Sporting Clays on Wednesdays. Saturdays have traditionally been DTL only. Our future schedule will depend on whether or not there are enough shooters interested in shooting Sporting Clays and, more importantly, enough volunteers to run it.

As always, the best way to keep up to date with changes is to keep an eye on the website.

Bad News for Redevelopment Works                                       Posted 11 December 2021

Unfortunately, the progress on the DTL traphouses promised by the Wangaratta City Council last week has not materialised. The club was assured by Council that Grounds 1 & 3 would be completed by mid-December, then that was revised to completion by Christmas 2021. However, when the club's president and VP made enquires on Thursday as to why the work had not started, they were informed by council that the contractor and the Council are currently in dispute over technical aspects of the work.

The club's executive has strongly advised the council that we are not happy with the lack of progress and the constant changes to completion dates for the works. The frustration and dissatisfaction felt by the members was also conveyed to the RCOW representatives.

Obviously, the situation cannot be addressed before the end of the year. To minimise further negative impact on the club, the RCOW has agreed to engage the club’s nominated builder to install the DTL trap on Ground 3 at their (RCOW) cost so as to allow us to at least run DTL practice sessions until the dispute is solved. This is a temporary measure, as the DTL trap mounting positions will need to be modified at a later date (As early as possible in the new year) to comply with ACTA competition rules. All such future work necessary to comply with ACTA regulations will be completed at the Council's cost. 

The club has, on several occasions, deferred reintroducing Wednesday practice sessions due to being told that work was about to commence in certain areas of the grounds. RCOW has now been informed by the club that Wednesday practice will recommence from next Wednesday, the 15th of December.

Note that the only disciplines available for practice will be Sporting Clays and Universal Skeet. The availability of DTL for practice sessions is dependent upon the club's nominated builder's progress.

Wojcik Wins at State Carnival                                                  Posted 10 December 2021

WCTC member John Wojcik made the most of his trip to Echuca for the VCTA State Carnival last week. He won the veterans category in the first event on the card, the Champion of Champions. Shooting 25 targets each of Double Barrel, Single Barrel & Points Score, John's final tally was 147/150, after hitting 24/25 in the shoot-off.

John also took out the veterans category in the Victorian Postal Teams competition with a score of 245/250.

The double Barrel event gave John another chance to shine. He shot a possible, 50/50, and went into a shoot off consisting of four squads. Sadly, the competition was so hot that John's Herculean effort of 116/117 only netted him equal 4th place. Still impressive, nonetheless.

 To top off a very successful few days, John was listed in the Veterans team to represent Victoria in the 2022 Trap Nationals.

Cathedral College Students Visit                                              Posted 09 December 2021

It's always great to see juniors at the club and it's even better when they come as a properly organised school group. Cathedral College in Wangaratta obviously believes in giving its students a well rounded education and in providing them with a broad range of experiences. 

Fourteen students and two teachers visited our club on Wednesday the 8th of December. For most of the group, it was their first chance to sample clay target shooting and, for some, their first experience with firearms in any form.

Our VP, Brian Reid, was on hand to coordinate the day, ably assisted by Graham Coyle, Bruce Henshall, Phil Smith & Peter Sunderland. Club member Scott Henshall was also there in his capacity as a local GMA officer and he provided the kids with a safety briefing and a run down on the GMA's functions. Quite a few of the kids went away with GMA brochures and expressed their intention to obtain game licences.  

As for the shooting, it all went very well indeed. A three trap mini Sporting Clays layout was set up on Ground 3 and the students were required to call for their targets, so, within reasonable limits, they had a realistic experience. All of the students managed to break some targets and some of them showed quite good skills, with a few scores approaching double figures. Luckily, Luke the teacher also showed goods skills, so adult pride was saved.

The club would like to thank Cathedral College for trusting us with such an important task as introducing youngsters to firearms safety and to the fun of clay target shooting.

See the PHOTOS tab for more pics of the Cathedral College group.

Redevelopment Works Update                                                  Posted 04 December 2021

Progress has been slow over recent weeks and, apart from the sheds on Ground 1, there hasn't been much physical work done. Nevertheless, there has been quite a bit happening behind the scenes. The Rural City of Wangaratta (RCOW) and the contractors have been busily sorting out technical details and are now ready to get stuck into finishing the DTL on Grounds 1 and 3.

Club President Anton Motha and VP Brian Reid have been in constant communication with the RCOW and the contractor over the past couple of weeks and have been told that the DTL will be up and running as soon as possible. In fact, representatives of the RCOW have assured Anton that the DTL on Grounds 1 and 3 will be completed by the middle of December.

Keeping The Club Tidy Thanks To The RCOW                        Posted 02 December 2021

Thanks to a generous grant from The Rural City of Wangaratta (RCOW), the club is now the proud owner of this magnificent new wad collector. 

The wad collector is a sturdy commercial strength machine and has a small 4 stroke engine to drive the rotary broom. It will certainly make life easier for the club when it comes to keeping the grounds looking good and also complying with our EPA commitments. 

The Wangaratta Clay Target Club would like to thank the RCOW for providing the financial support to facilitate the purchase. 

Universal Skeet Used For Practice Session                            Posted 13 November 2021

Saturday's foul weather turned the surface on parts of Ground 3 to porridge. The club's premises are still technically under the control of the redevelopment contractor and we have an obligation to limit damage to the grounds, so it was decided that Sporting Clays practice was not viable.

Graham Coyle had fine tuned the Universal Skeet control console and the traps are securely mounted, so we ran that new discipline for yesterday's practice session. The rain and drizzle persisted until about mid-afternoon, but a number of experienced shooters like Ian Auranaune, Russell Barnes, Graham Coyle, Bruce Duncan, Gil Farrish, Bryce Robinson, Phil Smith and Rob Steel gave the new system a workout. We were fortunate to have shooters with such broad experience at a variety of clay target disciplines on hand for the first real use of the club's long-anticipated Universal Skeet facilities. Even Ernie Williams left his throne in the office and came out for a shot.

Brian Reid, an experienced skeet shooter himself, got some good feedback from the shooters. Many commented on the fact that the targets are certainly different to traditional skeet and a bit tricky at first, but they enjoyed the new challenge and are keen to master it. 

Simon Palubiski and his keen as mustard son Nate made the trip down from Rutherglen for a shot. According to Simon, young Nate is happy with any sort of shooting and is always ready to try something new. When asked his thoughts, Nate said it was good fun and he is looking forward to coming back for more. By the end of his three rounds, Nate had manged 18/25, not bad at all for a junior shooter on his first attempt in far from ideal conditions.

Universal Skeet Trials Successfully Completed                     Posted 12 November  2021

A few brave (and waterproof) members of the committee were at the club this morning to put the new Universal Skeet system on Ground 3 through some preliminary trials. The great news is that it all worked reasonably well for its first run.

Club Vice president and well known skeet shooter Brian Reid said that the Bowman traps functioned very well and all targets were thrown within the FITASC specifications. There were some minor hiccups with the control console and the target sequencing that still need to be fine tuned. Brian said that Universal Skeet was a lot of fun to shoot and, given that the shooters are around 5 metres further back compared to the more traditional style of skeet, it will require a slightly different technique, as well as different chokes.

Work is continuing on the final mounting of the traps and the development of the control system and the club hopes to have Universal Skeet fully operational and available for practice sessions in the very near future.  If there is enough interest, and if the weather cooperates, the Universal Skeet may even be fired up for a demonstration at Saturday practice tomorrow.

Check out the video above to see our VP Brian Reid smacking targets at today's trials. Hard to see in the video, but Brian was on fire and shot like a champion.

Shooting Again at Last                                                                Posted 31 October  2021

The hills (well, North Wang paddocks at least) were alive to the sound of music yesterday, 12 gauge music, that is.  After a break of 10 weeks, the club finally recommenced practice sessions. A good turn out of 13 shooters took advantage of the perfect conditions to shoot some sporting Clays on Ground 3. A few familiar faces and a couple of new faces, too, with some travelling up from the big smoke to enjoy a shot after a long lockdown. 

Practice sessions will follow that same format, SC on Ground 3 on Saturdays, for the foreseeable future.  As work progresses on the other grounds, the practice schedule may change to incorporate other disciplines on other grounds.

As they say in the classics, watch this space. 

Practice to Recommence from Saturday 30 October                Posted 28 October  2021

Finally, we can start shooting again. The major redevelopment works are far from over, but, with the cooperation of the contractors (Enviropacific) and the RCOW, we are now in a position to restart practice from this Saturday, the 30th of October, 2021.

Practice sessions will run on Saturdays only, from 1330 ~ 1730. Facilities will be limited and we can only shoot Sporting Clays on Ground 3 for the time being. The layout will need to be configured to make sure that targets stay right away form the areas still being worked on, but at least we can shoot. Yahoo!

COVID-19 is still a major concern and the infection rate is climbing in Wangaratta and district. Accordingly, we need to maintain our vigilance and make sure that all VicGov regulations and our club rules are followed.  

WCTC Redevelopment - Beaten by the Weather                       Posted 20 October  2021

Unfortunately, the very wet start to October has caused yet more delays to work at the club. Fortunately, the majority of the groundworks, including the concrete shooting lanes, were completed prior to the latest wet period. Unfortunately, the next stage after that was to be the construction of the subsurface parts of the traphouses on Grounds 1 and 2. Wet weather and soggy soil are not conducive to good quality concreting, hence the delay.

A significant amount of time has been spent on the contaminated soil mound in the paddock. This may seem to some to be diverting attention form the actual redevelopment work at the club. However, the environmental work is integral to the overall project and, to some extent, the completion of the shooting grounds depends on the successful completion of those environmental requirements.  

It's also worth remembering that Enviropacific, the main contractor, is restricted to five workers onsite at any one time. That has meant that, for example, when the electricians are in to do wiring, the concreters/builders have not been able to make progress on their tasks.

Nevertheless, there is progress being made, just not as quickly as we had hoped. We hope to be in a position to start fitting traps on Ground 3 in the next week or so.


WCTC Redevelopment - ...and then it Rained and Rained             Posted 08 Oct  2021

Just when things were starting to build up some momentum, nature jumped in and literally threw a wet blanket on us. The actual construction work on Ground 3 has been completed, but the long period of wet weather that straddled the end of September and early October has caused delays to the pouring of concrete on Grounds 1 and 2.

The wet weather also delayed the earth works on Ground 1 and left the newly levelled soil in a rather fragile state. This has meant that we now need to give the freshly landscaped area around the traphouses time to firm up before the task of mounting the traps can be started.

When the work is eventually completed, we will need to have all the grounds inspected and recertified by the Victoria Police Licencing & Regulation Branch. Until such approval is received, no shooting can be done at the club.

Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that the weather cooperates with the contractors.

WCTC Redevelopment - Light at the End of the Tunnel?             Posted 24 Sept  2021

COVID Lockdowns, wet weather, construction industry personnel limits and even an earthquake! It seems that every possible hurdle is being dropped in front of us at the moment, but the club's committee, the contractors and the RCOW project managers are all jumping those hurdles on our way to completion. 

There have, of course, been setbacks to the original schedule, but, all things considered, it's amazing that the RCOW & Enviropacific have managed to stick as close to it as they have. As of this week, the contractors hope to have their part of Ground 3 finished by the end of the month. After that, the club will engage appropriately qualified tradies to install the traps and ensure their compliance with ACTA & SCA regulations.

A number of new traps have been ordered (see 28 August funding news below) and we look forward to seeing them soon; however, anyone who reads, watches or listens to the news will know that there are all sorts of shipping delays happening around the globe these days. 

All going well (in this crazy 21st century world? Yeah, right!) we could be shooting on Ground 3 by the second week of October. Our ability to restart practice sessions will depend on the cooperation of all members and visitors. The failure of any person to comply with the COVID regulations will definitely jeopardise our operations. 

WCTC Redevelopment - Getting There in Spite of COVID           Posted 16 Sept  2021

The recent VicGov announcement that construction industry tradies will be restricted in their travels will undoubtedly have an effect on our works. Prior to that announcement, the contractors were already working under strict guidelines that have limited the total number of workers allowed on site to 5 at any one time.

Nevertheless, the Enviropacific staff and their sub-contractors are doing their best to keep our redevelopment work on track.

You can see more pics of the progress so far in the PHOTOS tab of this website.

WCTC Redevelopment - A Hole Lot of Progress                           Posted 09 Sept  2021

One might consider it rather difficult to get excited over holes in the ground, but, in the case of our club's redevelopment, those holes signify progress. All traphouses, including the underground structures, have been removed and the new traphouse sites have been prepared. The concrete shooting lanes have also been poured on Grounds 1 and 3. Have a look at the PHOTOS tab to see more pictures of the recent work. 

Some shooters will undoubtedly lament the fact that, with the easing of VicGov COVID regulations in the regional areas, our club is unavailable for any form of shooting. However, as stated in the 05 September article below, by the contractor making the most of the COVID Lockdown and bringing forward the work on Ground 2, we will actually gain a couple of weeks further down the track. 

WCTC Redevelopment - Total shutdown During Works               Posted 05 Sept  2021

In spite of the strict regulations for the current VicGov COVID lockdown, work has progressed reasonably well at the club. In fact, things have now progressed to the point where the contractors are about to start on Ground 2.

As the reader may recall, the work schedule originally called for Grounds 1 and 3 to be done while Ground 2 was left open for us to run practice sessions. We were advised by the project manager that there would be a transitional period overlapping the end of the initial construction stage and the commencement of the Ground 2 works, during which no shooting of any sort would be possible for 3~4 weeks.

Well, the contractor has decided to take advantage of the current COVID lockdown to bring forward the work on Ground 2. It is hoped that the work currently underway on Ground 3 will be finished by the end of September. This means that, given the fact that the current COVID lockdown is expected to last until pretty well the last week of September, the so-called transitional period period during which no shooting is allowed may, if anything, be slightly reduced. The club hopes to be holding practice sessions again in October.

All of the above information has been given to the club and relayed to the reader in good faith. No-one, except perhaps Nostradamus, can predict what form any relaxing of VicGov COVID regulations will look like. Community sport may continue to be restricted, even after the more general travel and activity rules are eased. Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.


Funding Approved                                                                         Posted 28 August  2021

Our Vice president, Brian Reid, is, as we all know, quite a dab hand at sniffing out funding for the club. Well, he's done it again. Thanks to Brian's efforts, the club's application for funding under the Victorian Government’s Shooting Sports Facilities Programme has been approved.

The grant money will be used to purchase new traps for the Universal Trench and the Universal Skeet facilities that are currently under construction at the club. Anyone who has ever made an application for a government grant will tell you that there is a lot of work involved. Luckily for our club, we have people like Brian who are prepared to make time for such tasks.  

Annual General Meeting (and a Birthday Party on the Same Day?)        Posted 01 Aug 2021                          

COVID-19 has certainly turned the world upside down. As you probably already know, the AGM held in April was actually the one that should have been held in 2020. COVID lockdowns thwarted three attempts at holding that one and almost stopped this one, too. Thankfully, we got our actual 2021 AGM completed on schedule, on Saturday the 31st of July.


Prior to the meeting, Marcus Goonan, Director of Infrastructure Services at the Rural City of Wangaratta, was good enough to come to the club to provide the members with an update of the major redevelopment works currently in progress. 


The AGM was reasonably well attended, but it would always be nice to see more members turn up. The president, Anton Motha, opened the meeting before handing over to Anita Klima for her typically well detailed financial report. Anton then gave a brief overview of the schedule and sequence of the construction works in progress and thanked the current committee before stepping aside to allow Phil Smith, one of the club's trustees, to announce the president's position vacant and to call for nominations.


Anton Motha was nominated, as was Angelo Grassi. Angelo graciously declined the nomination, saying that he felt it important that there be continuity in the club's executive positions during the current period of redevelopment work.


Anton resumed his seat at the big table and called for nominations for the remaining Officer of the Association positions. The incumbents were nominated and reinstated unopposed. Nominations for ordinary members of the committee followed and, there being fewer than the limit of ten, all were appointed. See below for details on the new committee. 


There is not room here to go into the minute details of the meeting; however, just as proceedings came to an end, Rob Steel suggested that the meeting should acknowledge the incredible service given to the club by Ernie Williams. Rob's comments provided an excellent segue into a surprise (to Ernie at least) birthday celebration, including a huge chocolate birthday cake, which Ernie cut while the members gave a rousing rendition of happy birthday, sung in a variety of different keys, none of them being the right one. Ernie was also presented with a potted tree which will be planted in his honour on one of the shooting grounds when the construction work is completed.


The club's committee now consists of:


Officers of the Association:

President: Anton Motha

V. President: Brian Reid

Secretary: Linda Motha

Treasurer: Anita Klima


General Committee: (* indicates newly elected)

Ian Auranaune *

Russell Barnes

Graham Coyle

Col Crittenden

Angelo Grassi 

Alison Harwood

Mark McDonald 

Phil Smith  

Peter Sunderland


WCTC Redevelopment - Tangible Progress at Last!                       Posted 29 July 2021

Finally, some soil has been turned and the team from Enviropacific, and their sub-contractors, are getting stuck into the Wangaratta Clay Target Club's redevelopment. Members of the club's committee met the RCOW project manager and Enviropacific's onsite works manager on Tuesday to finalise a few points and by crikey, the boys are already right into it. 

Ernie Williams - Club Legend Scores a Century                            Posted 24 July 2021

Club Legend, Club Stalwart, Club Fixture, you name it, he is it. Ernie Williams turned 100 today. Quite an achievement, considering the perils and horrors that the last 100 years have thrown at the inhabitants of our little planet. 

Ernie continues to dedicate a great deal of his time and energy to the club and is always on hand to run the practice book, deal with all sorts of enquiries and give advice on matters from gunsmithing to club memberships. Ernie sets a fine example of how to get the most out of one's life.  

Congratulations and best wishes, Ernie. See you at the club.

WCTC Redevelopment - Finally a Start Date                               Posted 21 July 2021

WCTC has just received great news. The Rural City of Wangaratta, project manager for the club's major redevelopment works, has advised that work will finally commence on Monday the 26th of July. The Contractor, Enviropacific, will be working to complete Grounds 1 and 3 first, before moving on to Ground 2. This work schedule will obviously affect our practice sessions; however, the club is determined to continue some form of practice on Wednesdays and Saturdays. More details about practice will be promulgated as soon as they are available.

The contractor hopes to have all work completed by the end of September, but allowance must be made for the possibility of further COVID-19 related delays.

Confirmation of commencement date for the major works and the appointment of the environmental auditor mentioned below both bode well for the club's future. Finally, some light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel.

WCTC Redevelopment - Finally a Start Date                               Posted 21 July 2021

The Wangaratta Clay Target Club was issued with a Pollution Abatement Notice by the EPA way back in 2016 as a result of lead contamination in the neighbouring sports reserve, resulting in the club being shut down for a long period. Since that time, the club has, with our tireless Vice President Brian Reid at the helm, been navigating through what seems like innumerable steps on the road to final approval of our EPA Clean Up Plan.

An integral part of that process is the environmental auditor, an independent specialist who is responsible for approving the club’s actions in relation to notices and plans issued by the EPA and environmental consultants. The current auditor’s tenure will expire on the 27th of July and the Rural City of Wangaratta has appointed, from that date, a new environmental auditor to conduct the operations necessary to meet requirements set out in the EPA Clean Up Notice for our premises. The WCTC looks forward to working with the new auditor and bringing this episode to a satisfactory conclusion.

Funding Our Future                                                                        Posted 16 July 2021

The Wangaratta Clay Target Club has taken another step into the future with the approval of our application for funding under the Victorian Government’s Shooting Sports Facilities Programme. The State Government made $4 million available for “…projects that improve the quality and sustainability of shooting sports facilities and activities across Victoria.” This follows more than $13 million allocated in previous rounds of the programme for shooting clubs.

Our grant money will be used to purchase new traps for the Universal Trench and the Universal Skeet facilities that are to be constructed as part of the major redevelopment works that are pending. The addition of these two FITASC disciplines to the existing DTL and Sporting Clays facilities will provide four options for shooters to enjoy their sport at our club.

As always, we have to thank Brian Reid for the countless hours of work he put into the application process. Give him a COVID-Safe pat on the back next time you see him. More than two dozen Victorian shooting clubs, including a few in our part of the state, also had applications approved. In amongst all the negative press that our hobby / pastime / obsession seems to attract, it is nice to see that the government recognises the legitimacy and the social benefits of shooting sports. 

WCTC Redevelopment - RCOW Meeting                                      Posted 11 July 2021

The Rural City of Wangaratta is the project manager for the Wangaratta Clay Target club's major redevelopment works. On Wednesday the 30th of June, the club's representatives sat down with the RCOW project manager to finalise details for the Universal Trench and Universal Skeet layouts. It is critical that the dimensions and positioning of the infrastructure for all of the shooting disciplines are spot on, so as to comply with both ACTA and FITASC regulations. 

We are slowly inching towards the work commencing and all parties are keen to get things moving. Unfortunately, neither the project managers or the contractors are able to give any definite details of actual dates at this stage. It is important to remember that the EPA plays a big part in our redevelopment. The project managers and the contractor both need to ensure compliance with all EPA requirements and this is also adding to the delays in getting the work underway.

The moment the WCTC committee has specific details, that information will be passed on to the members.

WCTC Redevelopment                                                                 Posted 09 June 2021

From the outside, it appears that not much is happening at the club; however, like the proverbial duck, there are quite a few legs thundering away under the surface. It is critical that the specifications and dimensions for the various layouts are spot on, so a lot of hours are being put in by the WCTC committee's working group and the RCOW project managers. Members of the working group had a meeting with Rural City of Wangaratta representatives yesterday and clarified a few sticking points. 

Obviously, the uncertainty of the recent COVID-19 restrictions has had a negative impact on the work, but the RCOW project manager is hopeful that tangible progress will be seen in the next couple of weeks.  

Practice Sessions Up and Running Again (Again?)                  Posted 08 June 2021

How many AGAINS do I need to put in that headline? Just when the new Saturdays only practice schedule was getting rolling and shooters were becoming used to it, the plug was pulled with another snap COVID lockdown. It's hard to keep up with the situation sometimes, but, compared to most other parts of the world, we're doing OK here in Oz. After a week cooped up at home, it was good to be out and about again. 

Mark Connell, Allan Seccull, Brodie Seccull, Marty Seymour and Paul Weygood (AKA The Cobram Crew) made the most of their freedom and came across to Wang for some practice. These blokes are, of course, all familiar faces at our club, but it's always great to see out-of-towners here enjoying the club's facilities. Katrina Weygood brought young Hunter Connell along for the day, too. He's only a wee little bloke at the moment and a few years off yet, but he must be itching to have a shot with the big boys. 

Annual General Meeting Finally Held                                                       Posted 26 April 2021                          

We finally got to hold or AGM on Saturday the 24th of April, after two previous attempts were thwarted by COVID-19 lockdowns. The meeting was preceded by a free lunch (Yes, there really is such a thing) which gave those present the opportunity to view the plans for the major rehabilitation works which will commence soon.


When the meeting got underway, our president Anton Motha thanked the committee and volunteers for their efforts' in keeping the club functioning under difficult circumstances over the past 12 months. 


After the usual formalities, such as the treasurer's report and the reading of the previous AGMs minutes, all committee positions were declared vacant and Phil Smith took the floor to call for nominations for the position of president. Anton Motha was nominated and, there being no other nominations, he resumed his seat. Nominations for the other positions  of officers of the club saw the previous incumbents reinstated unopposed. Six members of the previous committee were reinstated unopposed and four new members were nominated. Some of those so-called new members are actually previous committee members and bring valuable skills and experience with them. 


The meeting saw healthy discussion on a variety of topics. The discussions were all conducted in good spirit and the productive air of the meeting, combined with continuity in the executive group and a newly bolstered general committee, bodes well for the challenging period that lies ahead for our club as we begin the major ground works.


The club's committee now consists of:


Officers of the Club:

President: Anton Motha

V. President: Brian Reid

Secretary: Linda Motha

Treasurer: Anita Klima


General Committee: (* indicates newly elected)

Russell Barnes *

Graham Coyle

Col Crittenden

Craig Davey *

Angelo Grassi *

Alison Harwood

Mark McDonald *

Phil Smith  

Peter Sunderland

Keith Willett

WCTC Redevelopment                                                                  Posted 19 April 2021

Members of the club's committee had an on-site meeting today with representatives of Enviropacific and the Rural City of Wangaratta (RCOW) to go over details of the redevelopment works, which are due to start next week.

ENVIROPACIFIC (See 31 March article below) has been contracted by the RCOW to redevelop all three shooting grounds and to also carry out major drainage works on the club's premises and along the Detour Road. The works are expected to be completed by September 2021.

Club members will have a chance to hear details of the redevelopment at this weekend's Annual General Meeting, which will be held at the clubrooms on Saturday the 24th of April. 

Attwood-Law Skeet a Big Hit With Shooters                              Posted 06 April 2021 


Mansfield Clay Target Club hosted the annual Attwood-Law Skeet Cup last Sunday, the 4th of April. Let's hope that the Easter Bunny got an early start to make sure he/she was well clear of the grounds before the 28 nominated shooters arrived.


The Attwood-Law Cup was traditionally hosted by the Wangaratta Clay Target Club, but a Pollution Abatement Notice issued by the EPA in 2016 has seen the event hosted by other clubs in recent years. This year, it was the Mansfield Clay Target Club that stepped up to run the prestigious event. Good on you, Mansfield. Good on you Mark McDonald, too, for generously sponsoring the event's prizes.


Colin Finn became the 2021 Attwood-Law Skeet Cup winner with 51/52 after a shoot-off with A Grader Royce Wojtowyez, who finished with 50/52. 

AA Grade went to the Wangaratta club's Mark McDonald on 45/50.

Royce Wojtowyez's excellent 49/50 in the main rounds gave him the A Grade win over Brian Reid, the Wang club's hard-working Vice Pres, on 48/50.

In B Grade, Peter Finn, father of overall winner Colin, took 1st with 48/50. Warren Fish was 2nd on 47/54 after a shoot-off with Alan Kidd.

C Grade needed a shoot-off to decide 1st place, with Phil Wojtowyez, Royce's dad, taking the silverware on 44/5 from John Winters on 43/51.   

High Guns were, Overall, Colin Finn 51/52; Veterans, Brian Reid 48/50; Ladies, Lesley Wojtowyez 41/50; Juniors, Lachy McDonald 41/50.  

New Practice Prices                                                                   Posted 31 March 2021


The club has unfortunately found it necessary to raise the prices for practice sessions. From Saturday the 3rd of April 2021, Sporting Clays and DTL practice prices will go up to $10 for adults and $5 for juniors. The price for ammunition sold at the club will also go up from the above date, the price will be $12 per box. 


We hope that shooters and visitors will understand the need for this decision. The revenue the club receives from practice sessions obviously goes towards the upkeep of the equipment, but there are many other costs incurred in keeping the club open. For example, the cost of clays and their transport have increased significantly and our insurance premiums have climbed by almost 80% since last year.  


Contractor Chosen for WCTC Redevelopment                        Posted 30 March 2021

At the Rural City of Wangaratta's (RCOW) Council meeting held on Tuesday 23 March 2021, the Wangaratta Clay Target Club (WCTC) remediation works were formally approved. After a public tendering process, the RCOW Council Infrastructure Services team’s recommended contractor, ENVIROPACIFIC, was selected to carry out the remediation works.

It's expected that, weather permitting, the remediation works will commence in late April 2021 and are expected to be completed within 12 to 16 weeks. This period may have to be extended if any unforeseen circumstances develop.

The RCOW will act as Project Managers and will liaise with a group of selected WCTC committee members during the works to ensure a mutually satisfactory outcome. This WCTC group will report back to the full committee regularly. Additionally, Golder's Environmental Consultancy, Senversa Environmental Auditors and the EPA will also be involved in the project. 

WCTC members are encouraged to keep an eye on the club’s website and Facebook page for updates as the works progress. It is hoped that we will be able to maintain some level of practice shooting activities during some periods of the construction work, but this will need to be negotiated with the contractors. Information on practice sessions will also be promulgated via the club’s website and Facebook page.

 An exciting time lies ahead for the club and its members, ensuring the long term future of our operations and making multi discipline activities available to all members and visitors.


FITASC Sporting Clays Grand Prix in South Aus                        Posted 29 March 2021                  

The 2021 FITASC Grand Prix was held at Rocky Gully Sporting Clays in South Australia on the 27th and 28th of March. In spite of the numerous COVID-related problems we've all experienced over the last 12 months, shooters are obviously still keen and the event attracted 177 competitors.

Intense competition throughout the two day contest saw the Scratch class go into a four way shoot-off. Wangaratta SCA member Adam Shale shot two possible from his eight rounds and went into that shoot-off tied for third place with Jeremy Kent on 192/200.

Adam shot clean rounds on first two stands of the shoot-off, but, unfortunately, so did Jeremy Kent. Adam then dropped a target on his third round and, in spite of regrouping to clear his final round, that one target gap remained and Jeremy Kent took the final step on the podium with a final score of 192 + 25. Chris Brown took the overall win on 195 + 25 from Blake Nankervis on 195 + 24. 

Adam was no doubt disappointed in missing third place, but he has once again proved what an excellent shooter he is. Congratulations on a great performance, Adam.


AGM on 24 April 2021                                                   Posted 29 March 2021


The Wangaratta Clay Target Club's Annual General Meeting will be held at the clubrooms on Detour Road, Wangaratta on Saturday the 24th of April, 2021. There will be a free BBQ lunch at 1200 and the AGM will commence at 1300 sharp.


State Government COVID-19 regulations and sudden lockdowns have, to say the least,  made it difficult to convene this meeting. We ask that members do their best to attend the meeting and have a say in the election of office bearers.


The AGM will provide an opportunity for members to get the latest information on the major redevelopment works about to start at the club. 


Attwood-Law Cup Sunday 4th of April in Mansfield               Posted 28 March 2021


The Attwood-Law Skeet Cup will be held next weekend in Mansfield. The action kicks off at 1030 on Sunday the 4th of April. The prestigious Attwood-Law Cup was hosted by the Wangaratta Clay Target Club for many years up until 2016, when a Pollution Abatement Notice issued by the EPA put a stop to skeet shooting in Wangaratta. Nevertheless, the fine tradition of the Attwood-Law Cup continues, thanks to the good folk at the Mansfield Clay Target Club. Why not go along and try your skills against the best skeet shooters from around the country? Maybe even just go along for the sake of a great day out watching talented people enjoying their sport.


The Wang Clay Target Club is undergoing major redevelopment works this year and plans on introducing Universal Skeet in due course. This new skeet discipline may provide the club with the opportunity to once again run the Attwood-Law Cup in the future.


AGM Cancelled                                                      Posted 12 February 2021


The Wangaratta Clay Target Club's Annual General Meeting scheduled for Saturday the 13th of February has been cancelled, due to the State Government's COVID-19 lockdown. The VicGov rules state that no public gatherings are permitted until further notice.


The lockdown was announced at approximately 1300 today, so we hope all those affected by the AGM cancellation will understand that the club has done its best to get the message out.


Please keep an eye on this website and the club's Facebook page for further news on the AGM.


All Competitions Cancelled Until Further Notice                  Posted 20 January 2021


The club is set to commence major redevelopment works. The Rural City of Wangaratta is overseeing the work and tenders have been called. There is likely to be significant disruption to our schedule in the immediate future, so all competitions are cancelled until further notice. It would be unfair on competitors and club volunteers to programme events that may need to be cancelled at short notice, due to construction work.

Details of the redevelopment will be available at the AGM to be held at the club on Saturday the 13th of February.


Annual General Meeting                                                                       Posted 10 January 2021


The VicGov COVID-19 regulations have finally eased to the point where we can finally hold our AGM. The meeting will be held at the clubrooms on Saturday the 13th of February. There will be a free BBQ lunch at 1200 and the actual meeting will commence at 1300.

Please come along to the meeting and find out what the future holds for the club. Perhaps you might even consider putting up your hand to be a part of the running of the club. 


Club Redevelopment Progress at Last                                   Posted 10 January 2021


The club has been working long and hard over recent years to get our three grounds fully functional and back to the level of operation we had prior to the EPA lead contamination shutdown in 2016.


The committee has been working closely with The Rural City of Wangaratta (RCOW) over a ng period of time with a great deal planning and negotiating get the job under way. We are now finally seeing real progress. The RCOW and the club have finalised the Tender Specification for the works and the RCOW expects that tender to be advertised on the council’s website by the middle of January, 2021. 


For more details on the actual work to be done, please see that most recent club newsletter. Click on NEWSLETTER in the black box near the top right corner of this page.


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